Monday, November 17, 2008

Estimating the Cost of a Lost USB Flash Drive

When you lose a USB flash Drive, you need to be concerned about more than the cost of replacing that flash drive. More than likely, gigabytes of portable data travel in and out of your offices each day on such devices. Usually, USB flash drives are neither issued nor managed by IT, rarely reported lost or stolen, or may even become permanently "lost" at the bottom of the desk or a bag.

Although these devices typhically cost less than $20.0, the data transported on them is usually every bit as sensitive as the data on laptops. Fortunately, you can protect the data on laptops and flash drives without too much work or effort using encryption.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Recomendation On Pen Drive Safety

Pen Drive or Thumb Drive is a sensitive storage device that should be avoid from;-

1. High temperature, it is good to keep the pen drive in temperature in between 20-40 Degree.
2. Water; Some pen drives design not water proof. Please do not sink the pen drive into water or into wet weather.
3. Magnetic, It is highly recommend to keep away your pen drive from any magnetic device. Including Electrostatic Devices that can easily damage the chip inside the thumb drive.
4. regularly scan your drive using updated Antivirus to keep your thumb drive in good conditions.