Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anti malware scanner

Norton Power Eraser

Our Rating: 2 stars (Fair)

Norton Power Eraser is a standalone tool claims to find and eliminate malware items that are difficult to remove or often overlooked by other spyware scanners. The program uses aggressive methods and is intended as a last resort, after you have exhausted other options. We agree, Norton Power Eraser should definitely be the very last app to use for malware removal because the accuracy of the results is comparable to a shot in the dark. All the programs it found during our test scan were false positives, many of them apparently flagged because the Norton user database did not have sufficient information on the file or there were `some indication` that the file is untrustworthy (unfortunately they don`t disclose what those indications are). Maybe Power Eraser will become more useful as the user community grows and accuracy of the results increases, but until then you should look elsewhere for comprehensive malware detection.

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