Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Access Your Computer anywhere - remote PC access

ShowMyPC (Free Version)

Our Rating: 3 stars (Good)
ShowMyPC combines VNC remote access technology with an open-source SSH forwarding client to provide you with the option to allow other users to view and control your desktop(access your computer with permission). The remote user needs to download the standalone ShowMyPC application and can access your computer with just a password (no IP address needed). The temporary session password is automatically generated when you start the viewing session and must be provided to the remote user by email, phone or other means. The free version is limited to one hour per session and lacks some advanced features.
Pros: Easy to use, one-click connectivity
Cons: Very slow connection, using the provided SSH server.

ShowMyPC provides Remote Support and Meeting services to all users.
Services include free and premium Remote PC access, Desktop Sharing, Screen Sharing, and others. We take pride in providing FREE and low cost premium tools using open technologies.

With remote PC access, ShowMyPC has revolutionized the way businesses operate by removing all geographical barriers and allowing companies to collaborate online with colleagues, customers and partners in real time, all with just a PC and an Internet connection. We have made it possible for home and business PC users to access their PC from anywhere, receive remote support, schedule online meetings and web conferences, access remote PCs and provide IT support.

More Productive and Profitable

The ShowMyPC suite of features offers flexibility to businesses, making them more efficient. By allowing access to remote PCs, ShowMyPC transforms the way businesses operate. An employee can now collaborate with remote coworkers via web conference. An online meeting can be scheduled without having to physically travel to another location. Sales presentations and demonstrations can be made using broadcasting and webinars. If a customer has a problem, solutions can be provided via the IT support facility, by gaining remote PC access.

Best of all, there is no special training required to set up or use ShowMyPC on your system. The application is reliable and secure, ensuring that confidentiality is maintained. By using ShowMyPC's various packages, company employees can access files, programs and email from wherever they are, making them more productive. It's like carrying the office or home business wherever you go.

If you are an organization looking for complete data control and security options, ShowMyPC provides you with options to use your private server and customize the software.

Convenient, Simple and User-friendly

The three direct advantages you can enjoy with ShowMyPC remote access software are convenience, IT support through remote PC access and better productivity. The service is secure and easy to use, and it ensures that collaborative projects go smoothly, saving users time. Our customers choose ShowMyPC for its simplicity, convenience, ease of use and security. Just about anyone can learn to access a remote PC. Share files. Control, view and access a remote PC desktop, securely.

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